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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Stupid toe

My toe hurts. I must have kicked a chair or something, I don't actually remember, that kind of things happens to me all the time. I kick chairs. Chairs anger me. No, not really, I'm just klutzy and don't pay attention to, um, most things, so I end up kicking a lot of chairs and couches and desk legs. Well I guess I pissed off the wrong chair because my toe has been really hurting the last week or so. I can move it around okay, but it hurts when I walk on it (so don't walk on it, dummy).

Then earlier I was in the shower and I happen to look down at my feet and they look like this:

Is that toe supposed to be that far over to the left like that? I mean, I'm no doctor, but I'm fairly certain they're all supposed to line up with relative symmetry. At least that's what they're doing on the other foot.

I'm not going to a doctor or anything, fuck it, it's just a toe. But it makes me cranky. So I had hubs tape it to its neighbors. Out of pure spite. Just to piss it off. Now it looks like this:

Now we're both cranky.

Stupid toe.