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Monday, November 15, 2010

I played hookie today on the Freeway of the Plains

I woke up this morning and I thought "fuck it" and emailed my client that I wasn't coming in. Actually I said I wasn't feeling well, which, when you think about my mental state, isn't a lie. And considering that when I started with these guys they had pieces of paper and checks flying around the room and had no idea how much money they had or how to track any of it and now they're so frickin organized they practically kissed me the last time I was there, I think it's cool that I take a day off. Such is the beauty of being an independent contractor. What's not so beautiful is the $100+ I'm losing by playing hookie today. However, so far today I've dropped off the kids, gone to Target, Trader Joe's, gone for a walk... and next? Yeah, I'm gonna nap. So, I say... totally worth it.

In the meantime, though, I was thinking about how Tina commented in my Sweet Pain post about how all she knows of Blues Traveler's first album is But Anyway, and it got me thinking.... (if you knew me and communicated with me often, right now you'd be thinking to yourself "is there anything that doesn't 'get you thinking' you chatty bitch?") Which is the bigger crime? The band that has one good song that gets a ton of radio play but when you go to buy their album the rest of the songs suck? or, the band that has one shitty song that gets a ton of radio play, but it's so shitty that you don't bother getting the album, but in reality the rest of their songs are fucking kick ass awesome? I say scenario #2 is the bigger crime against humanity, because there are a million one hit wonders out there, and usually they only had the one hit because it was really the only good thing they ever did, but it is a rare event when the one hit wonder band is actually a really good band, but nobody knows it.

Which brings me to my point, and then my song of the day. What if all you ever knew of the Spin Doctors was Two Princes? A song so shitty I won't even link to it because you'll hear 2 notes of it and think "oh, yeah, I know that song, that song sucks, which is why I never bought the album." If all you knew was that song, you would have spent all these years thinking they were just this sucky 90's pop band and you'd have been missing out on their super awesome funky goodness, and that makes me sad for you, because as long as you ignore Two Princes (and their third album) The Spin Doctors are an awesome band that deserve your ears. And so, I present, Freeway of the Plains, from their first (live) album. You can stop listening after 6.20 (if you make it that far) because then it goes into another song but I didn't feel like downloading the software that would let me edit the mp3, but I doubt anybody will actually make it that far, anyway. Enjoy! :)


Big Daddy Autism said...

To: Hookey Playing Consultant
From: Your Former Client

We can read and we have a computer. Did you really think we wouldn't see this? Hope you had fun at Trader Joe's. We did not.


Your Former Client

@jencull (jen) said...

lol @ BigDaddy, I was going to do that :D

You are hilarious Jillsmo, I love that you just write what you think, as if you were talking out loud :D Hope you enjoyed your day:) Jen

Cheryl D. said...

I hope you enjoyed your day off--everybody needs one occasionally!

Lynn said...

Two Princes is such an abomination that Spin Doctors don't deserve my listening to anything else of theirs no matter how good you tell me it is. It's just that bad. And what about Little Miss Bite My Schlong? Also odious.

Unknown said...


Tina@ www.theteethingmom.com said...

Target, Trader Joe's, Walk and NAP???? So worth the hundred bucks.

Also, I memorized Two Princes before and still know it by heart. Please don't unfollow me.

Unknown said...

I promise I will not unfollow you. I can't make the same assurances to Lynn, though

Dani G said...

Big Daddy Autism is hilar. Literally giggled a bit out loud!!

For the record... I loved the title track from Avett Brothers' I and Love and You. Then I saw them live and loved everything. Got the whole album and now I love every track and listen to everything more than the title track. Fact. Have you gotten the whole thing yet?

Right now I'm listening to the Mumford and Sons record and some old Joe Purdy stuff. You know him? You'd like it. Do you have dropbox?? Best way to steal music. I mean, er, share music.

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