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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Blog Roll and Blog of the Month

I've been doing some organizing here. Apparently it's easier for me to clean up the blog than it is to clean up my house. What am I saying, "apparently" ? OF COURSE it's easier.

I've created a new page up at the top, for my blog roll (are you supposed to capitalize those words? Blog Roll? Or is it Blog Role and we've all just been getting it wrong all these years?). The sidebar was getting pretty long and I wasn't adding anybody new to it because it was too messy, and so.... voilĂ ! A new page! (When you look at the wiki page for the word voilĂ  you will read "here's the cheese," but in French).

So, if you guys wouldn't mind popping yourselves over my Blog (Crescent) Roll page, see if I've put you in the correct category and also tell me if you're not on there and you should be. If so, PLEASE EMAIL ME at jillsmo at gmail.com. PLEASE do not leave it in the comments here, because your blog will probably not get added that way. I'm telling you... it's all about organization. I use my inbox as my to-do list (I have three completely separate to-do lists, by the way) and if I don't see your request in my inbox, your request will be inadvertently advertently on purpose accidentally completely ignored. Is advertently a word? Blogger thinks it's not, it's got that obnoxious red underline.

Anyway, like I say on the Blog Cinnamon Roll page, I took everybody's buttons out of my sidebar, but I don't mean to cut you all off or anything. So, I've decided, in true blogger-egomaniacal fashion, that once a month I will "feature" one of you in my sidebar. See, apparently I think I'm cool enough that me featuring you will make the world a better place, or something. But, I mean... I get a small around of traffic (at least on the days when I post something *rimshot*) so I figure... why not? (I really didn't need to mention the amount of traffic I get, I really just wanted to use the word "rimshot" in some context). Let's let you guys get something out of that, too! Not that I actually get anything out of it. But that's not important right now.

And so, without further adieu (when you go to the Wiki page for the word "adieu," you learn nothing of interest), this month's Featured Blog/Blogger is ....

and here's why....

I've known Tina for years; long before either of us were bloggers, and. I. love. her. And that boy of hers? Well, I never use the word "miracle" in any context other than to talk about free concert tickets, but that boy of hers is a miracle, and. I. love. him.

So, for the month of August, please visit Tina's blog. I put her actual button in my sidebar, even though I really prefer the button she uses on her Facebook page. I think the reasons for that should be rather obvious.....

In case you're wondering, I have absolutely no idea how I'm going to pick blogs from month to month. So.... yeah.