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Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Dive Bar Welcomes: Carolyn

Today we have Carolyn who blogs at This Talk Ain't Cheap and can also be found on Twitter at @temysmom. Welcome Carolyn!!

We’ve lived in our house for 12 years. Our neighbors across the street lived in theirs for less than that. I’m still trying to figure them out.

Their youngest daughter is the same age as my youngest daughter. They are in the same class in school together. They see each other every day. They play together on the street. She lets her kids come over to my front yard but NEVER lets them come into my house. My kids go over to their front yard but she NEVER lets them come into her house. Weird! Bitch!

Today, it was the girl’s birthday party. My kid wasn’t invited. I don’t know why but I do know that when you have a little girl who is only 6 years old and she lives right across the street from you and plays with your daughter and is in your daughter’s class, YOU FRIGGIN’ INVITE HER TO THE PARTY!!!!!

These people NEVER talk to us unless they want something. By want I mean they want to find out information on other neighbors. Or teachers. Or parents. You know, they are the nosiest people I’ve ever met. The husband has never so much as waved to us. He never talks, never even looks our way. Rude bastard.

The woman used to peek over my front gate to see what we were building, when we were adding on to the house. Nosy bitch! We have the exact same model house. All she ever wants to know is what we are doing to fix it up. And then she copies me. We took a wall down, they took a wall down. We have a back porch, they put in a back porch. We have wood floors, they put in wood floors. Shit, she should be paying me for design ideas.

I swear, I wonder what the hell gets into some people. I’ve been nothing but nice. We wave and say Hi. Nothing in return! Her girls are cry-babies beyond belief. They cry at the drop of a hat. I wonder what is going on inside their house?

Another parent who works with me in the class sometimes has asked me about them. She thinks something is going on. Something serious. Like abuse or something. I’ve heard the husband yell at the wife about really stupid things. I think he keeps a tight reign on her. I just think it’s very strange how they are so nosy about everyone else but very private about themselves.

I’m pretty sure the woman has no self-esteem to speak of. She always looks like she’s afraid of something. Maybe her husband?

Regardless, she did something stupid today. She didn’t invite a 6 year old to a party and she made an enemy for life.

Okay, maybe I’m being melodramatic. But I’m pissed. Really pissed.