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Friday, June 3, 2011


Edit: This was the book that was suggested

Remember how I told you that my kid whipped out his dick on the Kindergarten yard? And that I was thinking about sending an email with subject line of "Penises" ? Well, the other moms got to it first and today I received 3 emails on the subject of said penises. Apparently the 2 other boys were asked about The Penis Incident and, like any politician, they both denied the whole thing. The moms were embarrassed and hoped to put a stop to this behavior immediately. I replied that not only did my kid tell me all about it, he actually demonstrated to me his penis showing technique (that was a proud moment, lemme tell ya).

I'm totally not at all bothered by this. Am I supposed to be? Then again, I'm the mom who sat there and watched the same exact kids play this tag game where you had to show your underwear if you were tagged (I was base) until another mom came along and put a stop to it. I didn't see anything wrong with that, either. Was I supposed to see something wrong with that?

I mean, we've had the "private parts are private" talk and in theory he knows the concept, but he's fucking 5! Of COURSE he's going to show his willy if his little friends are doing it, too (he's a follower, my kid; not a leader); especially if it's part of some crazy 5 year old game they're playing.

I think I'm supposed to be upset about this, and I think I'm supposed to really want to put a stop to it (the other moms had book suggestions). Except I just think it's normal kid behavior, there's no need to shame them for it, right? As long as we teach them to respect themselves and respect each other, shouldn't that be it? On the other hand, my kid was the only one who didn't lie about it later, so I must be doing something right. Right???? (Seriously, if any of you reading this have, like, a degree in Developmental Psychology or something, feel free to chime in here.)

Fucking NT kids and their complicated social issues. I swear, I'm totally fucking clueless most of the time. If this was an issue with my autie kid I would know exactly what to do, how to do it, who to talk to, etc. But with the typical kid I feel like I'm just making shit up as I go (because I am).

Hubs and I were discussing this issue and he says he thinks the kid's preschool spoiled him by not making him ashamed enough of his nakedness. I had actually completely forgotten about it. (I'm dumb). Related.