xmlns:og='http://ogp.me/ns#' Yeah. Good Times.: Dinosaurs!! Fun for the kids! Educational! My biggest nightmare!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dinosaurs!! Fun for the kids! Educational! My biggest nightmare!

Run, Child 2!! RUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!

We're having a little staycation this week. Hubs is taking the week off and the boys both don't have camp. I have a little bit of work but not very much (I need more clients. *cough*). At first we were going to rent a house on the beach or something but I couldn't find anything for less than $600 for just a couple of days, so we decided to save our money and stay home, but have fun day trips every day. I figure wherever we go we're going to be spending a fuckload of money on fun day trips, anyway, this way we can still have them but get to sleep in our own beds at night. (At the end of this motherfucking staycation I'm going to add up everything we've spent on our goddamn motherfucking fun day trips, including the cost of motherfucking parking in the motherfucking Bay Area and I bet it adds up to much more than $600. Much, much more.)

Okay! So far we've been to the Aquarium of the Bay, in San Francisco. In the pouring rain. Awesome. And we've also been to our local science museum, where they have a dinosaur exhibit. Also awesome! There's a problem, though, with our museum having a dinosaur exhibit. (It might help you to go and read this post before I continue, that way what I'm about to say will make more sense. Then again, you might go and read that post and what I'm about to say will still make no sense. That's probably because much of what I say makes no sense and all the background research in the world isn't going to help either of us. But you know what? There are no guarantees in life. Give it a try, anyway.)

So... our problem with a dinosaur exhibit? Yeah. I can't pronounce any of the dinosaur names, even if most of them have convenient signs, like the one below.

"Uhhhhhhhh-PAT-uhhhhhhhhhhh-SOAR.....uhh........... this is called the Deceptive Lizard."

Okay, so... is the universe just fucking with me? Is this some kind of karmic retribution for all of my many dastardly deeds? If so, I don't appreciate your hijinx, Universe. I do not appreciate them AT ALL. This one was the worst. You're supposed to step on a scale and see how your weight compares to all these dinosaurs on the chart.

Hey, look! You weigh as much as a.... as a..... GODDAMMIT!

Luckily Child 2 doesn't know any better and doesn't seem to care much that he's not actually learning the correct names for any of these. He knows how to say "T-Rex," which is really all he cares about at the moment. YAY! We're learning stuff during the summer!!

I have a guest post up at TheBrokins.com with more stories about our adventures at the science museum; it's called Lessons In Autism. This one is more serious and I don't curse once. Can you believe that?? Only one way to find out....