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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Promises were made of a vacational nature

Ha ha, no. No vacation-related promises were made. I just like to rip off the Simpsons whenever I can. YAY!

HOWEVER.... I did promise the other day that if you put your hate in the comments of my post, I would pick the best one and that person would win a prize. And since I am a woman of my word, or at least, I'm trying to convince you all right now that I'm a woman of my word, I have chosen a comment. I mean... I pinky swore! And you can't pinky swear and then not follow through.... that's just bad karma.

AND SO AS SUCH I have chosen a triumpher (I may have just made that word up) and will bestow a prize, accordingly. *clear throat* ... My winner is Heather! Who blogs at Expect This. She can also be found on Twitter as Rogue Toddler. Heather wins for 2 reasons:

1. She called Curious George a "dirty fucking monkey;" and

2. She referred to Tuck from the Wonder Pets as "the pussy turtle."

That kind of profanity and/or awesomeness should be rewarded, in my opinion. However, before I bestow the greatest prize ever given, can we please take a moment to appreciate this gem, which I found on Heather's blog just now?

Are you kidding me?? THAT'S PURE GOLD RIGHT THERE. Okay, so... Heather! Here is your prize, which I swear is the greatest prize ever given. I SWEAR IT IS.

Nice work, Heather. Nice fucking work.