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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sometimes I say the stupid things that I think

But SOMETIMES I think first!

No really!!

I had this experience today where I thought about it before I said it and I'm so proud of myself I thought you guys might like to celebrate this minor victory with me.

(First of all, you know that's a line from a song, right? I put the video below so you can listen while you read)

So you know how I'm always talking about how I need to learn how to think first and then talk? Well! Today I was in Target (of all places) and I had bought these crappy one dollar bubble blowy thingy whatevers with these long handles; the handles kept falling off and the cashier was trying to put them back on but they kept falling again. So, I took over and figured it out. Here is the conversation that took place


Cashier: These handles keep falling off

Me: Well, they're only a dollar, I can't really expect high quality here. Lemme try....

Shove handle back on

Me: Got it!

Cashier: Good job, what did you do?

Me: I just had to give it a really good shove.

What immediately went through my head after I said that was "hey, just like my kids!" and normally I would have just busted out with that gem, and the cashier would have done one of those nervous not-sure-if-you're-actually-kidding kind of laughs with the sideways glance and shoved me out the door as fast as possible because even if I was kidding I'm still definitely crazy. THIS time, however, I thought about it first and decided NOT to say that and instead we ended our monetary exchange in a very pleasant manner.

See what I did there? I'm learning! I'm almost becoming a kind of grown up! I thought you guys would be proud of me. YAYY ME!!!!