xmlns:og='http://ogp.me/ns#' Yeah. Good Times.: Only 9 days left in our Autism Holiday Readathon!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Only 9 days left in our Autism Holiday Readathon!!

Have you made a pledge yet in Kate's Holiday Readathon? Make a pledge per page read or just a total dollar amount: Go here for more info and for the pledge form.

I don't know how many pages she's up to at this point since she's already gone to bed as I write this so I can't ask her (probably should have planned this better), but she was doing about 400 pages a day, and she started on December 1st, so, uh..... if you count, the, um..... take the, uh..... wait. Okay, hang on..... put the, um..... carry the one...... fuck it, you do the math! She's read A LOT by now!! But the 'thon ends on December 25th, so... holy crap you're running out of time!!!

Remember that you send me your pledge but then the actual donation is to be made by you, on the honor system. I'm recommending donations go to the HollyRod Foundation, but it's really up to you. But you have to send me your pledge, because Kate's going to pick a winner (at random, so probably Child 2 will be doing the actual winner picking) and the winner will get some cool schwag. I don't know what, exactly; maybe it's just a bunch of crap, but Kate says it's cool, so I'm sure it's cool!! After all, if you can't trust anonymous strangers on the internet... who can you trust??

Here's the original post on the topic, written by The Kate, herself.

Here, again, is where you go to make your awesome pledge that's awesome! YAY!!!!