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Monday, December 26, 2011

Out of the mouths of babes? I think?

Child 2 has his own computer, so does Child 1. Hubs brings home laptops from his office that have been discarded or abandoned so we're pretty much swimming in computers over here. (I tell you this because I feel the need to justify why it is that our kids both have their own computers. Hubs gets them for free, it's not like we're rich or anything. We also have a rather large Broken Laptop Graveyard in my office.)

Child 2 has been spending a lot of time on his computer this past week (Vacation, bitches!!!!!), mostly watching YouTube videos of random people playing Mario related video games. Did you know that people record themselves playing Mario related video games and then upload them to YouTube? They call them "walkthroughs." They're just kids, narrating their journeys through these Mario games, and are rather benign. I can't make it through an entire video, though, because it's really fucking boring, but I have watched them (because I'm a "good" mom) and both kids really enjoy watching them.

The problem with YouTube, however, is that the parental controls are pretty sucky, so despite my best efforts, the kids will click on other things and often find themselves on videos that are, well....let's just say SO NOT APPROPRIATE for kids this age. (They don't end up on porn or anything, but they do seem to find the ones with the most colorful language.)

So, anyhoozle.... it's Christmas.....  and I'm in the kitchen making rugelach....

.... and Child 2 brings his laptop into the room with me, because he likes being near me (awwwwww) so that he can watch his videos while I cook, and he had stumbled upon one of those videos that I mentioned earlier. It was some dude narrating these stick figures who were having a conversation, and the subject matter of the conversation the stick figures were having was so not appropriate for kids his age.

So, I get pissed (even though it's pretty much my own fault) and I close up his computer and put it in a place that he can't reach. "Go do something else," I order, which he does. Hours later, he comes and finds me at my own computer, and he's crying. He really wants his computer back, and he promises that he will only watch Mario videos and stay away from all the other kinds of videos.

With a face full of tears, he grabs onto my arm and hugs it and says.... "Mama, I'm sorry about the Filipino hookers. Can I please have my computer back?"

Until next time.....