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Sunday, March 25, 2012

"All Kids Do That" Part 16: Sensory Issues

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Today we have Sherilin who blogs at Laughing My Abs Off. Her daughter also has a blog, and she wrote about this, too, calling it The Year of Stupid Pants, complete with illustrations!

All kids do that.... right? all kids hate certain clothes. i've had so many parents tell me how opinionated their kids were about their clothes, but i think they're not on the same page as my family is. for us, it's not about an opinion, it's about survival.

brooke can't stand to be rubbed or scratched by her clothes. squeezing is fine, but all tags must be cut out. there can be no decals or stitching that can be felt on the insides of shirts. because stitching equals death to her nerve endings.

if she has underwear on her body that rides up her butt cheek even the tiniest bit, she insists that it's a wedgie and she will jam her hand straight into her butt while squirming and shrieking and making the most hideous faces. it doesn't matter where we are or who's looking. i have to buy panties for her that cost $6 per pair and i consider it money well spent because finally she has something covering her butt that doesn't drive her insane and continually embarrass us.

we had two years where she couldn't wear jeans because they all touched her wrong. she could not bear the feeling of the thick, stiffness of jeans. she liked how they looked and wanted to wear them, but we went to store after store after store and tried on about a hundred pairs of jeans, each session ending in hysterical tears because they all felt wrong or gave her wedgies. i even tried altering some myself in hopes of something being satisfactory, but it didn't work. we did finally find a hand-me-down pair that she could wear and i was very, very sad when she outgrew them.

i tried to force her to wear certain things because i thought maybe it was just a matter of her trying to control her wardrobe. but the end result was a girl who was writhing and moaning and couldn't even walk properly because of the pain that her clothing was causing her.

i've given up. she's nine and i let her wear anything she wants to, even if it doesn't match or looks odd. she's not trying to make a fashion statement (usually) she's just trying to get through her days without being tortured by her clothes.

not all kids are like that.... right?