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Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's okay to suck sometimes

I've been sucking lately. Sucking at blogging, that is. Probably some of you will disagree with me, but this post isn't mean to elicit sympathy so please don't disagree with me because you'll make me cranky. Moreso.

No, lately it's like I either have nothing in my head to get out, or I have lots of good stuff and I can't make it coherent. At least not without help (Yeah I'm talking to you) I've been re-posting stuff because I don't like being blank every day. (And because I'm kind of lame, really, when you think about it.) But I read back on these things that I've written months ago and I'm like "man, I used to be good at this. What the hell happened?"

Bu the truth is we can't all be good at shit all the time, can we? We can't always be eloquent. We can't always be insightful. We can't always even be coherent. We just are what we are, we're human, and we can't really get down on ourselves because of it, so I've decided to make this post (and turn off comments, because you're meant to read it and that's all) be a big party for all of us to allow ourselves to simply suck sometimes.

It's okay to suck sometimes. I've sucked before, and eventually I got better. And then I sucked again. It's the cycle of life, and being awesome is a part of that cycle, right alongside the sucking. So if you think you suck? It's okay. Me, too. But we'll get better.