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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Have you made fun of yourself today? Snark?

My computer is back. All my files are back. Everything is back. I'm not going to talk about this anymore because I'm exhausted from how stressful this has been. All I'll say is: You had better have a backup going on for all your files, because if the thought "that won't happen to ME" has ever crossed your mind in relation to your computer files, you're dumb. You're dumb like me. I'm just really fucking lucky that hubs is as awesome a tech god as he is, otherwise I'd be seriously fucked right now. And not in the good way.

So, I'm done talking about this; we're moving on now. Come with me... while I move on.....

Yesterday while I was waiting for my files to restore, I noticed that I was sitting in front of the computer and watching the little blue status bar very very slowly crawl its way across the screen, and I thought "Why am I doing this? Because I'm dumb, is why" and decided to go lie down, instead. Once there I, naturally, fell asleep (Child 2 was at a friend's house, which is the only reason that was able to happen) and while asleep the title of this post flashed across my brain.

There isn't any more to it than that, I'm sorry if you thought I had a good story going on there, but all I'm doing now is seeing if I can make a post about a line that flashed through my subconscious while I was napping. Well, I added the snark part while I was completely conscious. It's a miracle I managed to remember it, actually.

Anyway.... have you made fun of yourself today? Because I think it's important that everybody in this world should be able to make fun of themselves on at least a daily basis. It proves not only that we have a sense of humor, but I think that taking oneself too seriously can cause, what doctors call, "Polus usque asinum" (It's Latin; figure it out). Don't give yourself Polus usque asinum; it's fatal and nobody will want to care for you in your old age.

And so, I think we should all take the time to make fun of ourselves at least once a day, but particularly today: right now. It provides a healthy sense of humility, which is necessary in this hellhole called American society (lucky fucking Canadians!) Here is my submission to the cause:

Yesterday I took a picture of my foot and I tweeted it to Flannery; I'm not entirely sure why. Something about being in the Apple store and biting some chick's head off, the details are a little fuzzy at this point. Check me out, rocking the sandal + sock + mom jeans look. You know what this look says? It says nothing but awesome, baby.....