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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Some kind of Wednesday

You know, it's like Some Kind of Wonderful, except without the awesome John Hughes music. And with more despair. But fewer acid washed jeans.

I was originally going to make this a Wordless Wednesday, except I realized there were too many words I actually wanted to include, which would make the title completely useless, so I guess, instead, I'll call it Wordy Wednesday. Or Chatty Wednesday. Or I'm Over Explaining Things Again Wednesday. Or Shut The Fuck Up Already Wednesday.

Any of those will do.

This post is dedicated to Scott, who blogs at Dads Who Change Diapers, because on Tuesday morning when I was tweeting about how nauseous I felt because I was so goddamn tired, he was the first person to mention schadenfreude. He was also the only person to mention schadenfreude. And then he didn't judge me for probably spelling nauseous wrong, which I really appreciate. (Have you voted for him yet, in the whatever thing it is that he wants votes for? You totally should; it's really important.) Also because I told him I would dedicate this post to him, and then something again about schadenfreude. I don't know, I was really tired that morning.....

This is how my Monday night went, while hubs slept blissfully alone on the couch downstairs because he had to be up at 6:00am and he didn't want to bother me (you'll see the irony of that as you get to the end).

I took the blanket off of us by the 5th picture here so that you could see the body positioning we had going on, so just pretend the blanket is still there. Use your imagination, dammit.