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Friday, August 20, 2010

All done Preschool

Are you fucking kidding me, Artichoke? THIS is what you end up doing? Now I just want to punch you in your stupid purple spikey face.

Today was my youngest Child's (the appropriately named Child 2) last day of Preschool. I am now officially the mother of two elementary school children. Gulp. I feel old(er). He may or may not be going back to this school for its after school program, I haven't decided yet, so just in case, we went around to every teacher and said goodbye. One of them cried. They like him there, but what's not to like, right?

It's hard to tell how he's feeling about it right now. This morning when I dropped him off he said he was scared that it was his last day, I assume that means he's scared to be moving on to Kindergarten. Kindergarten is scary, after all, at least for me. On our way home from our usual Friday afternoon trip to McDonald's (incidentally, you'll all be happy to hear that I have perfected the art of opening up a ketchup packet with my teeth and passing it to the back seat without ever taking my eyes off the road) he asked me how you say ketchup in Spanish. When I didn't know he said he was going to ask his teacher on Monday. I guess he forgot. Well, he's 5, he's doing the best he can, I guess. Me, on the other hand....

And don't tell me he's going to be fine in Kindergarten; I know he's going to be fine! It's not (necessarily) him I'm worried about.


Anonymous said...

Every year at the beginning of kindergarten, the biggest obstacle to getting started on the first day was kicking the fucking parents out of the room. They are soooo needy! Such separation anxiety!

It's nice to see a mom who understands it's probably harder for moms than kindergärtners.

Lyndsey said...

Clara is starting Kindergarten on Monday. I'm a bit freaked as well.

Unknown said...

OMG Lyndsey, really? What happened to our babies???? :(

Unknown said...

I'm a former Kindergarten teacher and now a preK teacher. It is really hard for us sometimes to let go of the children we have known for awhile.

Today four kids that I've known since I first started on the job four years ago have left us. It was a very hard process to leave work today, know that they're not going to be there on Monday.

I'll miss them.

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