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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dear SJSharkWannabe

Dear SJSharkWannabe,

Earlier my autistic child approached me and said "Mama. This is the platform elevator at the Lafayette BART station." You see, his latest obsession is to watch YouTube vidoes of BART trains and the elevators inside BART stations, again and again and again, and apparently yours has become a favorite channel of his. (If he has subscribed to your channel, which he probably has, it would be under my username: jillsmo. Look for us!). In fact, he watches these things with the volume inappropriately loud and our entire house sounds like a BART station. If you were a Bay Area commuter, in our house, you would get that "oh shit time to go to work" feeling just from standing in our kitchen (been there).

I often wonder, why in the world would a person make a video of themselves riding an elevator (or doing any of the other one million stupid things that are on YouTube)? I've watched some of your videos, not as many as he has, but a few, and I wonder: when you were making these, did you have any idea that your biggest fan was going to be an 8 year old autistic child, watching it again and again... and again and again... and again? By the way: "2500 pounds, 16 person capacity. Smooth!" is nice to hear out of context. I had to watch the whole video just to figure out what the hell you were talking about there.

Anyway, SJSharkWannabe, keep up the good work, you're making my kid happy. Let's hope you don't get a job or something!



Nobodyspecial said...

I think that guy knows exactly what he is doing and probably has some one that he is doing it for, or is someone who at one time was like your son. He is very thorough and even catches details like the sigh you can't read on the video, he reads for you he rides it both up and down, and then he looks back at the closing door...very impressive. I see what you boy likes.

Big Daddy Autism said...

Holy crap! Do you have any idea how many of these guys filming themselves on elevators there are? Griffin follows about 50+ of them on Youtube. Captain Elevator, Diesel Duecey, Schindler86........

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