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Monday, August 2, 2010

Karaoke part 2

That Mel-o-dee lounge is a cool place! If you go to their website you will not only see a background image of their awesome red velvet wallpaper, but all the pictures of the people doing karaoke are the people we were hanging out with last night, and they're so cool! They will cheer for you and get up and dance for you if you are sucking, just to show their support. One of the people I was chatting with told me she and her husband have been going there every Friday night for 8 years. They're a whole karaoke community!

So, the last time we went to karaoke, I had been determined to redeem myself because my original Who Will Save Your Soul was, um, kind of a horrible mess, but the disc was broken. This time, though, the disc was NOT broken! HA HA!! Reputation = mended!!!

For the 2nd song I figured I'd do this Billy Joel song I had blogged about the other day. It was totally out of my range, though, I wasn't expecting that. However, the cool karaoke community broke out the fucking FOG MACHINE, baby! Hell yeah! And the plastic blow up guitars, and then gave me the plastic blow up saxophone and we jammed! HA HA!! I have a picture of that and am willing to send it to whomever emails me (if I like you). No video, though, sorry mom.

Ahhhh, yes. Magic Man. I want to say I heart this song, but that would be a pun and puns are wrong. They told me I owned the place. I got a lot of high fives on my way out. Maybe hubs will write a little about it in the comments.... I don't want to brag....


Unknown said...

Alright, I'm finally in front of a computer which does not have StarCraft 2 on it, so I can peruse your blog. Face it. You ROCKED the motherfucking HOUSE. Igor was even impressed. Now the trick is to not succumb to the addiction and to not go there every week.

Unknown said...

I think Igor might be easily impressed, though

Nobodyspecial said...

I wish I had Star Craft II!

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