xmlns:og='http://ogp.me/ns#' Yeah. Good Times.: Song of the, uh, month?: Sadder Day.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Song of the, uh, month?: Sadder Day.

I listened to (and sung) this song for years before I realized she's talking about somebody she knew that died. Once I realized that, though, now it just makes me think of my brother and it makes me sad. However, whenever we go to the Homemade Cafe in Berkeley I always order something that comes with grits which makes this song run through my head for the rest of the day; and now here we are.
Sadder Day – Fleming and John

Sadder Day
Fleming & John

you like to eat your grits with butter salt and sugar
you drink your coffee instant and black
I always loved the fact but thought that it was so peculiar
how you carried everything you owned in the back seat
of your 1983 canary yellow Z
you had a unique collection of fast food bags
and all the post-it notes with quotes stuck to your dashboard
reminding you life's not so bad

sad sadder day
since I heard you went away
sad sadder day
when I can't see your face

what about the day you took me to skatetown USA
it was raining and there wasn't anywhere we could play
we skated backwards while we held onto each other's hands
made up choreography to KC and the sunshine band
you got tired you said you couldn't sleep last night
you stayed up praying for everybody you know's souls
and you got misty eyed when you said you weren't afraid to die
but you were scared of being alone

sad sadder day....

faster my heart started beating
I've got the funniest most awful feeling
you were trying trying to tell me something
I didn't want to know

sad sadder day
there's something wrong in the world today
sad sadder day
when I can't see your smiling face ever again