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Sunday, August 8, 2010

I love spam

I do, I love it. Not the weird canned meat product, I mean junk mail. I love it because my ISP uses a service that stops all suspected spam at the server level but I still have the option of looking at it and decided if I want it to be delivered or not. So, my blackberry doesn't get annoyed with tons of spam but I still get to look at it every morning. And what I love about spam is that it all comes from me. That's right, I spam myself.

I have about 6-7 email addresses and pretty much all of the spam I see is from one or another of them, so every morning when I check my spam box I am treated to myself trying to tell myself the truth about orgasms, about how to grow inches or how "she saw the fire in my eyes." I just think it's hilarious.

This just in: Scarlett Johansen spills boobs!!


Nobodyspecial said...

My wife loves spam so much she signs up for every sale news letter/notification/advertisement she can. We have had to dedicate one e-mail address just for spam. She is usually 500 unread behind.

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