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Thursday, September 29, 2011

And you thought yesterday's post was pointless

I have nothing to write about. Actually I have a lot of things I could write about but they would be angry, curse filled rants about how much I hate Everyday Math and how autism can go fuck itself this week, and such, and I didn't want to be angry and... well, I didn't want to be angry, I wanted to be funny (such as it is). But nothing funny has happened here lately; I've been following Child 2 around with a tape recorder and everything. No I haven't. Or have I? Regardless, even he hasn't given me anything; and you know the well is dry when even Child 2 hasn't been funny.

(Sorry, Child 2. I hope you never read this. I never want you to know that when you were 6 I said that you hadn't been funny that week. Please nobody ever tell him I said that. PLEASE.)

In order to find something to write about I was looking through my test results (NO, I'm not pregnant. I mean THESE test results) trying to see if you guys had given me any good ideas that I could steal and call my own, and there are actually a few in there! And since I haven't yet been able to come up with a birthday story, per Liza's request, and I haven't gone on a date yet with Hubs, per David's request, I figured... what the hell. Let's just give everybody else what they asked for! As long as it doesn't require too much energy on my part, because it's fucking hot here today.

First of all, please visit these two sites:
  1. Tap Dancing Lexicon
  2. A Little Less Fluff (she actually asked for a guest post, which I will do! As soon as I can think of something to write about, but once I think of something to write about, I need to put it on my own blog, first, so you can have the second thing I can think of to write about. Unless you'd like an angry, curse filled rant about how much I hate Everyday Math?)
Secondly, please go to Wombat Central's Facebook page and "like" it. She wants to know what happens when she gets to the magical number of 25. I'd like to know, too. I didn't realize there were magical numbers! As I write this she has 18 fans; only 7 more!!!!! MAKE IT HAPPEN, PEOPLE!!!!!

Somebody named A Na, who did not give any more identifying information than that, said "I'd like you to let Child 2 dictate a whole post to you. Like, literally, word for word, everything he says."

That's an awesome idea, A Na (if that's even your real name) and so I approached him with my laptop and told him of your idea; he knows what the blog is and he knows that he says funny stuff over here and it comes out on the internet over there, but suddenly he got all embarrassed at the idea and turned red (SO cute) but agreed. So I said "Okay, go for it!" and he said "I love you."


And I said "yeah, whatever. What else?" and he said "No, that's it, that's the whole post. Write that down."


Sarcasm Goddess said she wanted me to find her an agent so that she could quit her soul sucking job, and if that was too much to ask I should just draw her a picture of a puppy.

Related: I don't know how to draw a puppy.

Rebecca asked for "a day at the spa." Sorry, Rebecca, this is the best I can do for you:

Related: I don't know what Rebecca looks like, nor have I ever even been to a spa.

Allison Dellion said "give to charity" so I made a $25 contribution to Project: Purse and Boots, "a gathering together of the women's blogging community to celebrate life while raising money to help fight the devastating consequences of cerebrovascular disease" and a project of Lori who blogs at In Pursuit of it All.

wasn't_serious requested an avatar for the Twitter.

Um. Sorry about the shitty avatar....

Anna Nonamus from Because You're a Moron (awesome) requested an entire post dedicated to her and if that wasn't possible, some cheese. Well, Anna... how about a sentence dedicated to you AND some cheese?

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese.

Okay, that's about half of the people who actually asked for something. I'm impressed at how many of you said you didn't want anything at all. Not greedy people from the internet? IMPOSSIBLE! I'll get to the rest tomorrow because I have run out of steam and now I have to go do homework.

Related: I hate Everyday Math!!!!!