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Friday, September 30, 2011

Music festivals: Then and now

I was driving around Oakland yesterday (actually I was lost in a shitty neighborhood trying to find the freeway and I was a little nervous about it, but that's not important right now) when I spotted a billboard (they still have those?) advertising a music festival that was to be held at some point in the near future, on Treasure Island. For those of you who don't live here, Treasure Island is a former Navy base that resides in the space between the East Bay and San Francisco. Here, this frighteningly accurate depiction of the area is probably more helpful:
I added some extra landmarks to make this an educational experience for you guys

So, I saw the sign for the festival, and my first thought was: "Ooh, good bands!" but then as my brain continued on its old & neurotic spiral of thought I was struck by how very very different my thought process was these days, as opposed to how I used to approach these matters; as a youngster; 20-some years ago; before children.