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Friday, September 2, 2011

I'm about to get really busy

Apparently this is the busy bookkeeping season. You'd think I would have known that, being a busy bookkeeper and all, but, well, no. I just got 3 new clients, like... today... and am now booked solid for the next two weeks straight. So, I fear this might cut into my blogging and twittering time.

I know. I know. This is the worst news you've ever heard ever in your entire life. I KNOW. It's okay, though, I'll just double my efforts to neglect my children and I should still have plenty of time for you guys after school and in the evenings. We don't need to do homework or anything, my kids are already smart enough, so I'll just plop them in front of the Wii every day and make sure you guys still get my undivided attention. So don't worry!

Just in case, though.... if you suddenly notice that you're seeing less of me.... this is why.

And just know that while I'm working, slaving away at adding machines and tax tables... I'll be thinking of you. All of you. Every one of you. Except you... I don't really like you... and you, over there, in the back, with the hat.... that hat sucks. I hate that hat.

By the way, The Great Blogger Meetup of The Third Week in September 2011 has been cancelled. It had to do with a shit carpet. Let's just leave it at that, shall we? It is now The Great Blogger Meetup of Probably Some Time in the Spring 2012, so maybe more of you can come along now. I'll keep you posted. Or I won't. We'll see. It depends on your hat choices.