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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hubs takes one for the team

Child 2 is very smart, but at some point along the line he heard a rumor or something about "sex" and got it into his head that "sex" was when two people kiss and snuggle a lot. So, lately he's been telling me that he wants to have sex with me, or he'll kiss me and say "we just had sex!"

Um. Awkward.

I've been trying to talk to him about it, but MY GOD is that uncomfortable, so I thought "Hey! I'll get a book!" Surely there are 10 billion books out there about talking to or explaining to your kids about sex, right? Right. I asked around for suggestions and ended up buying 5 different books for a variety of ages and maturity levels, and they came this weekend.

But somebody still had to read them to him, so I asked hubs; and I was really glad when he agreed. So on Sunday night, he and Child 2 went off to read while I sat in the bedroom, twittering (of course) and I could hear everything that was said......

When he emerged about 10 minutes later, he stumbled into the room and fell on the bed like he'd been wrestling with bears. I told him so at the time, and I'll tell him here now (assuming he reads this):

Thanks, Hubs, for taking one for the team!!!!