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Friday, September 23, 2011

A birthday post

So, we're playing Rock Band... because it's my birthday... and for my birthday I want to play Rock Band... and then this happened.....

You see what I did there? I scored #57 in the entire world of all the people who play Rock Band and sing Love is a Battlefield. I'm actually rather proud of that. I mean, I don't know exactly how many other people I'm competing against here in the Rock Band leaderboard world, but there has to be a lot, right? And here I scored #57 of all those people. I think that's cool. That's cool! Just accept it!! IT'S COOL. I'M ACTUALLY VERY PROUD OF MYSELF, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Anyhoozle, you know who is seriously underrated? Billy Joel? BILLY JOEL!! Why don't more people love him? Why?? Because "more people" are too fucking young, is the problem, in my opinion. I think. "More people" just don't get the brilliance of Mr. Joel. Because he's awesome. So very very awesome.

OH MY GOD. This song fucking kills me. KILLS ME. I love Billy Joel. I want more than anything to meet him, in person, and tell him how fucking awesome I think he is. That will never happen, but that's okay. None of us, ever, get to meet our heroes, really, do we? Okay, I get that. And yet, here we are.

Okay! So, let's talk about my birthday for a moment. As I write this, it's about 30 minutes past midnight, so it's technically not my birthday anymore, but we don't care about technicalities, do we? Did I spell that right? There's no red line underneath it, so I'm going to assume it's spelled right. Anyway, what was my point. OH RIGHT. One of my prize winners from my quiz had requested a birthday post. She said I'm a good storyteller. I thought maybe she was thinking of somebody else, but then I emailed her and she wrote back and huh. She was actually talking about me. Anyway, she requested a birthday post, and here it is! Me, writing a post on my birthday. Probably not what she had in mind, but then again, this isn't the actual prize giving post, so maybe nobody will notice.


Okay, so..... my point is as follows: Okay, well, Liza, I'm sorry, this isn't your prize, because obviously this sucks and it's a sucky prize if it were a prize, but good thing it's not because it sucks. You know who you are!

My SECOND point is that.... if you haven't already taken my birthday test, you need to take my birthday test. Remember! It's anonymous! And such. And it makes me happy to see that you've taken it. And don't you want to make me happy? The question alone makes me sleepy. And gassy.

Also click here.

And then visit this site, because she's cool and I like her. So you should like her, too. And stop questioning me!!! Also, she got the worst fucking score on my test. OMG she sucked so bad! HA HA HA HA HA H!!!!! She got, like, ONE question right! But, seriously, I love her and she's awesome.... so... yeah.

And then take the test. Because I said so.

P.S. I apologize for whatever it was I said above. It's my birthday and I'm (obviously) drunk and I didn't proof read before I hit "Publish Post." Don't judge me.....