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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I love my online friends

I have the best online friends in the world. In fact, with a few exceptions, my online friends are better friends to me than pretty much anybody I can have a conversation with over coffee. (Exceptions: Cathryn, Lizzie and Emily. I want to mention their names, even though probably none of them will read this. Hubs doesn't count since he's required by law to be my friend).

If I go more than a few days without hearing from some of my online friends, I start missing them. How can you miss somebody you've never actually met? And there are people I have met whom I haven't heard from for months, and at this point I couldn't give a single shit if I ever actually hear from them again.

There are people I know in RL who only ever talk about themselves; how they are doing, what is going on with them and never even ask me how I am. And then there are people I know online who can tell by the tone of my tweets that there's something going on, and will text me to find out what it is. Just because you've sat in the same room with a person doesn't mean they're actually your friend. And the more I think about how wonderful you guys are online, the more it fucking pisses me off how much so many of the people I know in real life fucking suck. (except for the four I mention above. Okay, Hubs totally counts. Whatever.)

So, I'd like to turn that around in my brain, please, and instead of being angry and going off on a rant, I will make this an Online Friend Appreciation Post: I'm not going to mention names here because I'll probably leave people out and I don't want to make anybody sad, but I can think of at least 5 of you who are right now thinking "I wonder if she's talking about me?" and the answer is YES. YES I'M TALKING ABOUT YOU.

By the way, people: start thinking about the Great Twitter/Blogger Meetup of Some Time in the Spring of 2012.