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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


My baby boy (Child 1) turns 10 today.

10 years old.

He's 10. Years. Not months.... years.

Double digits. A 1 and a 0 put together.

I don't understand how this happened. How is my little baby 10 years old?

Here are the things I can quickly list that I've gone through in the last 10 years:

1. PCOS (but it worked out okay. Twice!)
2. Preeclampsia
3. Post-partum depression
4. Death of a loved one
5. Autism

I'm probably forgetting lots of stuff, but those seem the most relevant to this discussion.

I've never talked here about the post-partum depression, and I probably will one day, but not today. I'll just say that of the 5 things listed there, that one was definitely the worst. I know it seems odd, since my brother died and that should be worse, but in my opinion there is nothing in the world worse than post-partum depression. Then again, I've never been dying or in chronic pain.

This year I decided I'm not making him a cake, I'm just going to hand him a tub of frosting and a spoon. That's all he ever eats of it, anyway!

Anyway... in honor of this wonderful (?) day (sob) I am giving you guys a present. Some of you have been bugging (the shit out of) me to give you this gift for as long as I've known you, so here you are!!! Finally!!!! A picture of me....

This was taken in April 2002, so it's 10 years later but I pretty much still look like this. Maybe a little older and a little, um... wider.... but more or less the same. Oh, my hair is shorter now, but it's still a big jewfro, so don't worry about that part.

Happy Birthday Child 1 !!!!!