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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Quick! Before I forget....

Tonight we went to Karaoke, and I sung both Rehab and It's Still Rock and Roll to Me, and both times I had to follow the chick who works there and who can sing like you can't believe. The first time I said, "Please don't make me follow DeeCee the next time??" and they laughed and thought it was funny, and THEN??? She did fucking Lady Marmalade and I had to follow that shit... AGAIN. I totally yelled at the both of them for it. They thought it was funny, but they don't get it..... Actually they probably do. But whatever.

So, I thought I'd end the year with a nice drunk post. This will probably be the last one of these for a while, and who doesn't like a nice drunken stream of consciousness ramble written by somebody you don't know, right?? Am I right??

I thought about doing some kind of 2011 Year in Review, which isn't really a bad idea, and I'll get to that, but first... check this shit out:

Check out how fucking chatty I am!!! And that's also keeping in mind that I only started this piece of shit blog in MAY of 2010. Seriously? I'm a fucking chatty bitch. But you knew that, otherwise you wouldn't have come back. This is just another example of how I impress myself with my fantastic bullshitting abilities. I did that shit 779 times in the last year and a half bitches. HA HA HA!!! YES!!!!!!

Anyhoozle, back to the whole year in review crap, I thought I might list for you my 5 Favorite Posts of 2011 That I Wrote. AI'm not going to tell you shit about what other people wrote, because I'm apparently too selfish and/or drunk and/or out of time for that, so anyway. These are my favorites. If I was forced to pick an anthology (is "anthology" a real word?) of the 5 best posts that were awesome (in my opinion) that I happened to write, in 2011, these are the ones. So.... yeah.

Hope you all clicked on that shit because that shit is gold. GOLD.

Okay, a story real quick: You know how Child 2 likes to watch You Tube Walkthroughs of people playing Mario related games? Well, yesterday he was very sad and he came to me and said that he was having a good deal of trouble getting through this one point and can we please write to Yoshiller2 and ask him to make a walkthrough of this one part so that we can figure out how to do it?

Well, obviously I had some qualms about him writing to random YouTube people, so I used my own YouTube account and I wrote to the guy and I said "Hi, this is Child 2 and I'm 6 and I was wondering if you could make a video of such and such at this point in Mario whatever blah blah blah" obviously I didn't know what the fuck I was saying... and then we sent it off and I told him that it was pretty likely that he would be disappointed and please don't get your hopes up and all that.

Well, about an hour later, I got an email from the dude we wrote to that said "I did that already, but I don't remember what I called it" I'm paraphrasing, but that doesn't matter so I told Child 2 what he said, and Child 2 says to Child 1: "Do you remember the video that starts at blah blah blah and then the blah blah blah and it ends with blah blah blah?" and Child 1 says "Yeah, that's part 46."

And it was.

Seriously? Seriously. So I wrote to the dude and I said "this is Child 2's mom and I just want to thank you so much for your response, you've made my kid's entire year." and he responded "no problem :) "

And on that note? It's the little things you do that might make the entire day or month or year for one person, so do them. Do them again and again because we have no idea how much of an impact we can make by our very small gestures.

Also? Child 1 does not like the anticipation of waiting to say Happy New Year. He asked me to say it early so that he wouldn't have to wait for the countdown. I fucking love that kid.

"I fucking love that kid." Let that be the last drunken thing I ever say on this blog.