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Monday, January 9, 2012

Text conversations with the Hubs

Yesterday I went to Trader Joe's while Hubs stayed in bed with the boys. I went for a bunch of stuff but my most important mission was to get strawberries for a very cranky Child 2. Here is the text conversation we had while I was there:

Me: There are no strawberries

Hubs: I have relayed the bad news.

Hubs: Child 2 says you have to go somewhere that has strawberries.

Me: Oh does he?

Hubs: Yes he does, although he didn't say it so much as whine it.

Me: Ask him what his second choice is.

Hubs: 2nd choice is strawberries. Also his 3rd choice is strawberries.

Me: I'm getting grapes.

Hubs: He whined "OK" on the grapes.

Me: I think I'll blog this conversation.

Hubs: Cranky boy will suffer the wrath of Daddy.

Me: Oh, I'm definitely going to blog about this.

Me: Okay, I'm done, do you need anything else?

Hubs: A beej?

Me: I'll ask.