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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Link up! Show your shame!

Yesterday, Child 2 was in the back of the car complaining about how he felt sick, and he says "you really should clean out this car more often."

Yeah, whatever, man. Maybe if you didn't drop food back there so much there wouldn't be so much food back there. AMIRIGHT?????????

So then I actually looked back there and I was suddenly struck with an idea: I should take a picture of this hell! And then put it on my blog! And ask others to do the same!!!!!

I'm a motherfucking genius.

So... here's my shame. What is yours? It doesn't have to be your car; it doesn't even have to be a mess. Just take a picture of something that you're ashamed of. And share it. With us. In this link up. Because? Awesome.

I don't, um... know what I'm "doing" what with this linky shit and all, so let's hope this works.