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Saturday, July 17, 2010


Hubs and I went out a-singin' last night, or at least I did the singing, he would never be caught dead with a microphone in his hand unless it was to play a prank on one of our kids or something. We went to the Mel-O-Dee lounge which, interestingly, was not named such because it's a karaoke bar, but was named after a person named Melodee. I think. (Hubs come and correct me on that one). Either way, they have red velvet wallpaper and it's awesome.

So, there are 2 types of people who do Karaoke, and 2 corresponding types of karaoke bars that cater to their clientele: Type 1, people who can sing and are just looking for a place to do it that isn't their car or their shower and Type 2, people who seriously CANNOT sing but who get enough alcohol in them and think it's hilarious to go up there and make a fool out of themselves while all their friends cheer them on. You don't often get a lot of crossover between the two types of people and bars, so if you're in a Type 1 bar there will not be a lot of Type 2 people. Mel-O-Dee is a Type 1 bar and on a typical Friday night it is JAM PACKED with regulars. Did you know that people will actually bring their own CDs with them? I just learned this last night. As the dude sitting next to us explained, the standard songs that the VJ plays can have unpredictable arrangements so the only way to know exactly what you'll be singing is to make your own and bring them. (And then he went on to give us actual directions to the place in Pinole that we should go to if we're ever interested in doing this. Thanks random singing dude!)

They key, for me, to a successful karaoke experience is getting just the right amount of alcohol in me. Too little and I'm all nervous and awkward, too much and I just SUCK. But with the proper amount, I am channeling the spirit of Bacchus, as hubs would say. This particular trip was inspired by my viewing of That Jewel Video, which reminded me that the first time we went there ... well, let's just say I did not have the proper amount of alcohol in me, and I completely butchered Who Will Save Your Soul (anybody who was a witness to that does NOT need to back me up on that one. Seriously). So, I was determined to go back and redeem myself. Unfortunately the disk with that song was cracked, so I guess we're headed back there next weekend!

The thing about karaoke, though, is that so much of your time is spent sitting and waiting for it to be your turn. We were there for 2 hours and I did 2 songs, and the VJ is fair, it's all first come first served, he doesn't give preference to the regulars, despite the fact that the place is ALL regulars. So, there's nothing to do while you wait except drink and listen to other people sing. And this place is CRAZY with the strong drinks. They're SERIOUSLY STRONG, and very cheap, and you've got nothing else to do but sit there and drink them, so you have to be very careful. Last night I was careful. (Not like those other nights!)

Song #1, which was supposed to be Jewel, was instead Amy Winehouse. I did NOT have the proper amount of alcohol in me and I was nervous and awkward. Hubs said it sounded good, but I can't hear myself when I'm up there so I just go by how it feels, and it didn't feel that great. Probably because I was nervous and awkward. He promises me that he wasn't just being nice and saying that and I kind of believe him. It's a good song, though, and fun to sing....

Song #2 was my karaoke standard, White Rabbit. Until we started going to the Mel-o-dee I would do this song every time I ever did karaoke. I definitely had the spirit of Bacchus going for this one. I still couldn't hear myself but it felt good. Feed your head! I'm just bummed they didn't use the smoke machine, that would have been awesome.

So, there you have it, my karaoke experience. We got pictures, but upon closer inspection I decided they're too horrible to share. I seem to be having some kind of romantic relationship with that microphone and it's not fit for public consumption. Maybe next time!


Nibor said...

Next time, be sure to invite your favorite objective observer/non-singing karaoke judge. Glad you had fun! (We still need those pictures, though.)

Muggle said...

There is a guy at the other "Lounge" that doctors pics for me all the time. Check him out, he went to school for art/media manipulation (I didn't know there was even a class in that) and is better than he displays for the great unwashed.

Unknown said...

Oooh, good to know!

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