xmlns:og='http://ogp.me/ns#' Yeah. Good Times.: What is the DEAL with boys and guns?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What is the DEAL with boys and guns?

Boys and guns. The Deal: What is it???

I'm not a member of handgun control or anything (but that's for another post [as a country our resources are precious enough, we shouldn't be putting our time and energy and money into creating laws that don't generally work and create a lucrative black market when education is warranted] okay, I guess that's for this post) but I'm not a gun fan. In fact, I think they're horrible, disgusting things that should be completely irrelevant except under the most extreme circumstances. As far as I know I've never even been in the same room as a gun (although I HAVE been to a Walmart, does that count?) So the last thing you would expect from my hippie kids is that they'd be turning their forks into guns and shooting each other. But, no, they don't even need forks, they can just use their fingers; and they LOVE it.

Why? WHY???? What is the deal????


Unknown said...

Sure. That gun does nothing for you, but how about this one?


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