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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

This is so cool!!

Check out what came in the mail today. Tickets to Jerry Day at Giants stadium, plus a free Jerry bobblehead!! So frickin cool! I hate baseball, but is that really the point here?

Look at the bobblehead!! It's SO ADORABLE!!!


Nibor said...

Yes, it's adorable, but it looks more like Steven Spielberg than Jerry Garcia, in my opinion. (Not that I'm an expert.)

Unknown said...

It's probably rather difficult to make a fat bobblehead on heroin

Nobodyspecial said...

So you have to sit through a baseball game to get one of these? Sure it's a cute bobblehead, but at what cost Jill? AT WHAT COST!!

Unknown said...

It's a sacrifice I'm making for the children. FOR THE CHILDREN!!!

Nibor said...

Right. Much easier to make a bulked-up bobblehead on steroids.

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