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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sorry, Google, but you brought this on yourself

Everybody on Twitter has been talking about Google Plus. They want to know where their invites are, and if they're on it, they want to know who else is in their timeline, or something, whatever it's called. There's so much hype! This thing is HUGE. I have no idea what it's all about, but I'll be honest... I'm a little pissed about that. Why did Google reject me? Doesn't Google think I'm good enough to be on their whatever this new thingy is? I think I'm good enough, Google. I think I'm perfect for your new whatever this thingy is. My self esteem has actually been more than a little bit affected by this rejection, I'll be honest with you all. This has been painful. Very very painful, for the entire 20 minutes now that I've been thinking about it.

Not only do I have to live with the sting of this rejection, but four different twitter buddies have now said they have sent me Google+ invitations... and nothing has actually arrived in my inbox. NOTHING. Four different people, Google! FOUR, and yes, I have a Google profile and YES it is public (I don't know why that's necessary, but I made SURE of it). I can't help but think that this is also personal, Google. Not only did you intentionally exclude from the awesome new fun thingybob dealie when it came out, but now you won't even let other people invite me to the, I guess, fun.

Well, I'm sorry, Google, but this is unacceptable. UNACCEPTABLE. Here I've been loyally using your free services for years now, and this is how you treat me?? This simply will not stand, Google. It. Will. Not. Stand. You have forced me into action because of your horrible, horrible mistreatment.

I officially announce a new project that I'm launching! I call it jillsmo equals.... and EVERYBODY is invited. (Hubs said I should call it Yeah. Good Times. Equals, but.... I like this one better). I don't care if you're uncool. I don't care if you're not "hip" or "with it." I don't care if "I don't even know who the fuck you are." I don't care!! EVERYBODY gets in! Nobody will be excluded from jillsmo equals. NOBODY.

Look! I made a logo:

Okay, so... now all I need is to figure out what the hell jillsmo equals is. Oh, and I probably need a programmer or something, you know, to actually make it happen. So I guess I'll get to work on that. And by "get to work on that" naturally I mean I'm going to make myself a drink and just wait for somebody to come and do it for me. If that doesn't happen, then, well... fuck it, I guess.

Note: Anybody who was talking to me on Twitter last night will know that I actually did get an invite to Google Plus; actually I got 5 of them. You don't get an email notification, is the thing, you just go to plus.google.com and as long as you have a Google profile and it is set to public, you should be able to get right in. 

Note #2: Okay, apparently you don't even need an invite anymore, you just need a Google account. But fuck it, goddammit!! I already made the fucking logo and I wrote this whole post, so... GAH!! I'm posting it, anyway. There's no doubt that jillsmo= will be bigger and better than Google+ anyway, right? So I'm still doing it!!! See previous, though, re: I need a programmer and a clue.