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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Can somebody please explain this to me?

Full arm tattoos: I don't understand them.

The arm of a douchebag

Seriously, guys, I don't get it. What is the point of covering your entire arm with permanent ink? I do understand how tattoos can be addictive, though. I have 2 and I'm already thinking about the 3rd.

Simultaneously cool and painful!

 But your entire arm? I don't get it! Why? Is there some religious symbolism? Some hipster symbolism? Some douchebag symbolism? Can somebody please shed some light? Thank you very much.


Nobodyspecial said...

My son says it's a Japanese gang tattoo. He says that they use a method that is more painful than normal so it's a kind of initiation.
He could be talking out his ass.

Unknown said...

Well, he's your son, isn't he?


Nobodyspecial said...

Yeah, we had to pull him out of school because he fooled all the teachers into doing his homework for him.

Nobodyspecial said...

yeah....good times.

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