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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Dive Bar Welcomes: Lisa

Today we have my good friend Lisa! She's one of those mommy bloggers that I have met through my travels around the blogosphere... and I love her. She's awesome. I'm happy to give her a place to vent here in my smelly bar! Go Lisa, go!

First I'd like to say a big FUCK YOU to my hunny's family!!! Specifically to his brother who is old enough to have some common sense and young enough to have kids around the same age and still not have any shame in insulting my son. What gives you the fucking right on two occasions to piss me off and insult him? I get that you are a horrible father, and that's a shame because you have some wonderful kids that I love and adore. What gives you the right to question every fucking noise you hear when your brother is playing a video game with you and then act stupid when you find out it's my son having a fit?

I have blogged over and over again to explain my son to you! Yet you still act like an inhuman asshole! And I think I know where you get it from, your dad who is also a fucking prick the size of Texas! I think I got the best of the gene pool when I met your brother and I'm glad that he will never ever be like you! Consider yourself lucky he doesn't say to you what he really wants to, that he chooses to have a shitty relationship with you rather then no relationship. Because that's what sucks the most in this world, that in the NT world we are surrounded by idiots who don't know any better. And we have closer relationships with people online that understand what we go through. So fuck you both for being so selfish. My son doesn't need a rotten fucked up Uncle like you in his life, he has plenty of people who love him regardless of his autism.