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Sunday, February 6, 2011

I think there's something wrong with my thought processes

Our next door neighbors have a 3 year old and a 1 year old. This morning the 3 year old stopped by for a jaunt on our giant play structure; I guess he's been peering longingly at it over the fence for a while now and today he finally got the chance. Wouldn't you, though, if you were 3? Check this fucker out:

Please don't ask me how much this puppy set me back. Just.... don't ask....

Anyway, I stood there in the doorway and I watched this little boy run around our back yard playing with my kids' toys, as Child 2 tells him "That's my mom standing in the doorway, she just got back from the store" and I thought: How nice that Child 2 is making friends with his next door neighbor; they could be friends for life. And it's a good thing Child 2 is a few years older, that way he can buy the beer when they sneak out of the house at night when they're in high school.

HUH?? THIS is what I think when I watch my child with a younger neighbor friend? There's definitely something wrong with me. It's a good thing my neighbors don't read my blog.