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Monday, April 4, 2011

NT kids are so complicated!!

It's April and apparently that means it's time for me to start trying to figure out what the kids will be doing this summer. We never actually go anywhere, because we're both always working and we still never have any money, so I need to find camps and things for the boys.

Child 1 has this camp that he goes to every summer. He does better when he can just go to the same place every day, see the same people, do the same things, etc. This will be his 3rd year in a row at the same camp. In the past I've sent him with an aide who forces socialization on him; I'm considering sending him alone this year. That way I won't have to pay an aide, but also I think he'd be thrilled to just have his run of the place. No math, no socialization, just a lot of running around and playing with their expensive toys.

Child 2, though, has this complicated social network and he would be pissed if I ever sent him any place where there wasn't at least one of his little friends. AND, apparently NT kids get BORED if they do the same thing all summer long, so the options will change every week.

I have to coordinate his little social calendar with that of his friends' little social calendars to make sure that every week he'll be going somewhere with one of his friends.

Christ. Really?

I made a spreadsheet.

Yeah, I think better when there are spreadsheets involved, so I made one with the dates at the top and the little friend names going down the side. I'm going to fill in the places where his friends are going and then sign him up for those camps. I've got 10 weeks I need to fill.

Does this seem needlessly complicated to anybody else? It's also very confusing. I'm thinking maybe I'm just not smart enough to have an NT kid.  I suppose one day he'll be doing all of this on his own and I won't have any spreadsheet to track his whereabouts. (I'll only have a GPS tracking device subcutaneously implanted in his body while he sleeps.)