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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mostly Awesome

Before I begin, today you can also find me guest blogging at my friend Laura's place, Life in the House That Asperger Built. PLEASE go check it out, it's totally not about autism!!

I thought I would take some time today to talk about the awesomeness that is Child 2. I've been talking about Child 1's awesomeness a lot lately, and I realized that I've kinda been talkin shit about his brother. The truth is that despite his annoying NT antics, he really is made up of mostly awesome. This kid is amazing. He's hilarious, he's a freaking genius, he's fun, he's happy: He's awesome!! So, here are some stories about him, which will prove his awesomeness.

(By the way, I've taken, like, everybody's advice and OH MY GOD the past two weeks have been practically heaven. It's working SO WELL. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME. I'm coming to you people for all my parenting needs from now on)

Last week was Spring Break so we had lots of time to kill! We spent one of those days at a science museum for kids, with Children 1 and 2 and a friend of C2. (And no other grownup, I might add. But I managed to survive it somehow). It was crowded, being Spring Break, and as usual there were a lot of Older Kids.

I hate Older Kids. They're big, they're relatively aggressive, especially in groups, and my little kids tend to get pushed out of the way when the Older Kids arrive, which is exactly what happened at some point when C2 and his buddy were playing at this table/ball thingy. The Older Kids came, took over the whole space, took the ball away, of course, and my little ones were pushed off to the side.

Usually when this happens I don't do anything because I like to watch and see how my kids will deal with the situation. Unless somebody actually asks me for help, or if somebody is just acting like a huge dick, I just sit and watch. And this is what I saw.

My little 5 year old, who was half the size of these kids, having been pushed out of the way and now was standing behind this new group, walks up to the back of one of the kids and whispers into the back of his head: "Let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the flooooooooooor." Just like in the video, actually.

He's been singing this song a lot lately, and watching the video. I have no idea where he heard it from and oh my god it is so totally inappropriate for a 5 year old but that was one of the funniest fucking things I'd seen all day. I instantly pulled out my phone to take notes so that I could remember it later.

The older kid was like WTF?? and he totally moved away! It worked! Nice WORK, little man!!!

This incident reminded me of something that happened years ago, before he was even walking. It was way before I was blogging but I wrote about it on a message board that I run (hi Rards!!) so I can just copy and paste it here:
We're at the Discovery Museum today (yeah, we go there a lot) and Child 2 and I are in the toddler room. He's playing with blocks. I'm sitting there trying not to pass out from fatigue. Suddenly this little girl, maybe 2, comes over to where he is, stands between him and his blocks with her back to him, and bends over so that her butt is in his face.  So what does my little man do? He reaches up and pulls her pants down! I started laughing hysterically and I say "yeah, we're startin' him early!" The little girl was PISSED and her dad came over and made a joke. Good thing he was cool about it, I suppose I could have had a lawsuit on my hands. Although, no jury in the world would convict a baby. Maybe Texas.

Earlier this morning, I had started planning this post in my head while I'm hanging out with him, and I said "Have I ever told you that I love you?" To which he responds: "Uh.... YEAH. Like three times a day! No, like ten times a day. No, like.... how many is it if you count by threes seven times?" "21," I say. "Yeah, like 21 times a day!"

Oh, hey! You made it to the bottom of the post! Did you forget to go to Laura's place and read my guest post? Well, here's that link again, just in case you need it. :)

It's about blogging. And awesomeness. Okay, it's about blogging.