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Sunday, October 16, 2011

And we have four winners!!

Thanks to everybody who entered the giveaway, and a HUGE thanks and apologies to Marsupial Mama, who fell for my fake rules. Heh heh. Sorry about that.... (giggle). She wasn't one of my winners, but I feel bad that she went to so much trouble (seriously, there were, like, 6 tweets from her with the hashtag #WhoringForAutism) so, to make it up to her, please go to her blog right now and you'll see a big "Please vote for Autism Rocks!" which is a link that will take you to Babble's Top 25 Autism Spectrum Blogs and please vote for her!!! She's at #13 at the time I write this; let's get her to at least #12!!!!

So, I picked 4 winners out of the 36 people who entered. Again, I enlisted my partner in crime (aka Child 2) and we used our very scientific method, which you will see evidence of, below.

In the meantime, though, our winners are!!
  1. Kristin, who did not leave any information about herself so I have nothing to link to, sorry....
  2. Crissy, aka Bratmom
  3. Karen, who blogs at The Not So Simple Truth
  4. Annanonamus, my crazy Twitter pal, and blogger at Because You're a Moron (love that name)
I'm sorry I can't give one to everybody, but I didn't actually get enough to make that happen. You can still buy one, though!! Just go to the Amazon store. They're not very expensive, considering how awesome they are.

WINNERS! Please contact me at jillsmo@gmail.com with your names and addresses so that I can mail you your book. If I don't hear from you, I know how to contact you all. And I probably will! Or, I'll forget. Actually it's more likely that I'll forget so you should probably contact me.


And.... our scientific winner picking process, documented, as always.....

Names were put into a Word document and printed! In case you were wondering, yes, this was right after he came home from soccer.

Then there was cutting! Those are my hands holding the scissors, which means the boy took this picture. He took about 6 of them and this was the only one not a blurry mess.

Eyes were closed and names were picked!

The results..... ahhhhhh.....