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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Yeah. Good Times.: The Sitcom

So, I have this friend, who I'll call Cactus Pants (because that's his name. Cactus Pants. Seriously. His parents were assholes). And yesterday, Cactus Pants wrote on my new Facebook wall, "Its only a matter of time before they approach you to make the "Yeah Good Times" sit-com."

Which got me thinking. A Yeah. Good Times. sitcom, huh? They could put cameras in my house and film every single minute of everything we do? The entire world would get a glimpse into our every day activities and see what life is really like from this end of my computer? How interesting would that be?

Well, the answer is, not very interesting at all, actually, I'm sorry to tell you. I mean, you may think that life around the Smo House is all fun and games and excitement and joy, but really... not so much. That shouldn't really stop me, though, from pitching the idea to some TV studio executives, right?? I mean... if Cactus Pants thinks it's a good idea..... When has anybody named Cactus Pants ever been wrong about this sort of thing?

So I decided to draw my life. Literally. This is my life. And I present it to you fine people in a storyboard-type format (I assume. Related: I don't know what "storyboard-type format" means), because this will be what I use when I pitch to those big time TV studio executives. (Pitch? Is that even a real word? It's starting to look weird and wrong to me. Fuck it, it's staying). Think of it as like a sneak preview into the sitcom that one day may air on, well, probably Fox, because it's the only channel shitty enough to show this kind of crap.


Seriously? How could anybody turn that down? Surely you can see how this would appeal to a wide television demographic?

Who wants to help me turn this into a screenplay?????