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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Guest Blogger: Brian from Both Sides of the Coin

Yay Brian! I'm sorry I wasn't able to draw pictures for this, but, um.......... huh. Also: Gracie rocks.

Gracie has discovered the wonders of hide and seek. By this, I mean, she leaves the room, smiles so big that I'm wondering how much food this little chipmunk crammed in that little mouth, and when I ask where she is she comes running and giggling loudly (okay, screaming). Great fun.

AJ, however, doesn't quite see it that way. In fact, here is the (hopefully) funny (at least to me) scenario that transpired, in conversation form. Parentheses are thoughts in head, quotes are said out loud.

Gracie: "More hideseek"

Brian: "Okay, go hide"

Gracie: (wow, what a hiding spot! right in front of the kitchen sink! He'll never find me here!)

Brian: (I'm not watching football for this?)

Brian: "Let's see, where did Gracie go? I can't find her anywhere!"

At this point, AJ randomly enters the room. He takes in the scene. Hold tight kids, it's gonna be a bumpy ride.....

Well, I think it's funny! Just checking if it works.

AJ: (Well. Daddy is being quite silly. He's asking where Gracie is when she is clearly standing right there in front of him. Why can't he see her?)

Gracie: (I am so awesome! I am so good at hiding, I don't even have to try! I can just stand here, and my hiding powers are so potent that Daddy is powerless to find me!)

Okay, so basically both of my kids are thinking I'm a complete doofus, for different reasons. When I look at it like this, this game really sucks for me.

AJ: (Well, if Daddy can't see her, even though this may be the worst hiding place known to man or beast, I'll have to show him)

AJ grabs her by the hand and brings her over to me, looking very upset and confused as to why almighty Daddy can't do this simple task. Thanks literal-thinking son!

And Gracie: I win.