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Friday, October 28, 2011

Guest Blogger: Amy from The Adventures of JAMC

Next in our line of guest bloggers is Amy, who blogs at The Adventures of JAMC ! HI AMY!!

Life was good in the Johnson household. I was reading blogs important documents on the computer. The boys were playing the Wii, and Jodie was watching the Suns game. So when Jodie said, "Amy...c'mere...", in this weird, choked up sort of voice, I couldn't imagine what was wrong. I rushed to the playroom doorway where he was standing and glanced in. There, on the TV screen, was a picture of a butt.

Time out! Let's go back and look at how we got ourselves into this situation, shall we? Both boys have a habit of picking up the camera and taking random pictures. It's very common for me to find pictures of one of their stuffed animals, or of the toilet, or of a foot when I go to download my photos. One morning, when I was out doing something, Connor apparently grabbed the camera and snapped a picture of Jodie's butt as he was getting into the shower. Jodie is many things, but he is NOT a technological person. He's very technologically challenged. So he wasn't sure how to delete the picture off of the camera, and asked me to do it for him. I assured him I would when I got home...and then I promptly forgot. Fast forward to this weekend when I decided, after two months of having the Wii, that I should look and see what other features it has. I discovered you can put your camera SD card in the Wii and then have fun with your pictures. You can even make and solve puzzles of your pictures. I knew the boys would love it, so I showed them how to do it. Mason, with his very methodical mind, set out to make and solve a puzzle for every single picture on the memory card. So I left them to it. Time in!

And now, here we were, faced with a picture of Jodie's butt, larger than life. That choked up voice Jodie was using? Was a result of him trying not to laugh. Trying to be mature and let the boys know that wasn't appropriate and we needed to erase it immediately. But he just couldn't handle being mature in this situation, and therefore had to call on me. I gathered all my maturity and excellent parenting skills...and burst out laughing. I mean, I had tears rolling down my face. Jodie saying, "I thought you erased the picture!" made me laugh harder. "I-I-I forgot!," I positively howled. And when Mason clicked on the screen and turned the picture into a puzzle? I laughed so hard I almost threw up. I couldn't get mad. #1: It was too funny. #2: It was not the boys' fault at all. Besides the fact that Connor took the picture, that is. They didn't know the picture was on there. But, naturally, they discovered it.

I did take the card and erase the picture immediately after that. We had a talk about not taking pictures of inappropriate things. I put the cameras up where they can't reach for now because I know my boys. I would not be surprised if they decided to test the limits. And then we'll have family over and they'll ask if anyone wants to do a puzzle with them. And you KNOW which picture they'll choose.