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Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Dive Bar Welcomes: An Amazing Mom Warrior

Oooh, 2 Dive Bar posts in one weekend? Fancy.

Recently my family has been blindsided by meddling, uneducated ignorance. When you are parenting a child with Autism, life is rough at time, and there are numerous blessings to be found everywhere, but that blog I don’t need to make anonymous, this is for me and the mommies who have been there.

C.P.S. (Child Protective Services) - If you just shuddered, you get it. You do your best every day to fight for your children, to be the best you can be and you think you will never have them knock on your door. You know you love your children, and they have food, clothes, warm beds, so much more than many children have. But when your son can’t defend himself or his family, when uneducated people overhear drama from your day and spin it into an attack, the world turns on its axis.

I have no need to rehash details, I do have something to say to the asshat who chose to stoop to such low levels as calling C.P.S. and not being an ADULT and just venting their frustrations to my husband, whom they were upset with over work drama. GROW A SET OF BALLS. It does not take a big person to make a phone call and make up lies about someone you have NEVER even met. I am a fucking amazing mom. I love my children with every fiber of my being, and I will go to the ends of the Earth for them.

My family has so many hoops to jump through to help our son function daily in a world that does not understand him, your meddling is unsolicited to say the least. If you were so concerned genuinely about my family, how about you ask us what you can do to be of help to us.

Oh wait, you don’t actually give a fuck, you just want to hurt my husband because you are inadequate in your own life?

Great job, you have hurt my husband, bravo. Here is the thing though, he is aching for his family. Do you know the horrible effect stress has on a family living with Autism? You don’t? Then what fucking authority do you have to pull things from your ass for personal gain? How are you feeling about yourself now? Pretty cool huh? You caused a young child with Autism to spin into regression. In case you didn’t know (and I am guessing you didn’t) regression means that with some assholes false report to CPS, a young boy can lose MONTHS of very hard earned progress. Congrats again to you. Should we get you a Bozo button? (BTW, When you file a false claim about someone you don’t know and fake concern about a child, it helps to know the correct NAME of said child.)

Here is the kicker. To your efforts at destroying my family, you fail. We will become stronger, better and wiser from all of this. I am going to take your pile of shit and turn it into fertilizer, going to use it to make my family grow stronger. Sorry for your luck, the loser here is you and you alone. You may have caused so much pain and heartache for us, but we won’t let some insignificant, ignorant person knock us down. We will teach our kids to never, ever be the kind of person you are. A Bully.

CPS is closing the case, we are moving forward. I hope you enjoy your lonely existence, as I foresee a long, lonely life for someone of your moral “standards.” In case you are wondering, I not only wept for my family, I cried for the children in this world who are in need of intervention and people just look the other way. Statistics show that for every ONE child that is removed from an abusive home, SEVENTEEN are removed from non-abusive homes with loving, caring, & capable families. Who knows how many children need help, yet vindictive asshats like you waste the time of already overworked social workers. Bravo.

In closing, Fuck You.

- An AMAZING Mom Warrior