xmlns:og='http://ogp.me/ns#' Yeah. Good Times.: I've taken the plunge. An evil, horrible plunge.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I've taken the plunge. An evil, horrible plunge.

Help! I'm being plunged!

Yes, that's right... I've created a Facebook page. It's not a page for this blog, per se, it's a page for a fictional character named Jillsmo (they forced me to capitalize the first letter those bastards.) I've been avoiding this for months now but I guess I knew it was inevitable. I mean, you can't go anywhere on the internet anymore without being on Facebook. The other day I wanted to just sign up for an account somewhere to make a comment on a post or something, and I had to sign up using my Facebook account. I had no choice!!

Since the FB account I mostly use is my "real" name, I decided that I'd like have the option of traveling the internets as my blogging persona only. Not that there's really a huge difference, but I like to think that by keeping this one final bit of information about myself a secret that will protect me from all the crazies and trolls and weirdos that might come to my door one day. Actually, I wanted to leave a comment on Moms Who Drink and Swear because Nikki linked to my post and I got, like TWO THOUSAND visits. I'm not exaggerating!!!! TWO. FUCKING. THOUSAND. So I wanted to leave a comment and thank her, but I didn't want to use my real Facebook account and my real name. (Ironically, however, after I had created the account I then tried to connect to a site using Facebook to leave a comment with my NEW fictional character's account but I somehow did it wrong and ended up calling somebody a bitch with my REAL first and last name. I'M SO AWESOME.) Thus the new FB page was born. (Just humor me, okay?)

jillsmo and Nikki! FB BFFs 4-EVAR!!!!!!

Oh, and then Nikki asked me to draw a picture of her eating a delicious steak, which really was the least I could do, considering she got me TWO THOUSAND visits.

By the way, huge props to Eli Rose Social. They do social media consulting and I keep thinking I'm never going to need their services because I'm not trying to get sponsors or make money from this but then it seems like whenever I have a tech question, I end up at their site finding out my answer. They helped me make those neat new buttons you see over there on the left; without even realizing it!! THANKS GUYS!!

So... YAY! Now I have a new thing to worry about. GREAT. Although... the best part about this is now Klout will stop fucking harassing me to Connect With My Facebook Account. I've done it, okay klout?? Are you happy now?? HAPPY???