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Thursday, October 13, 2011

I'm doing another giveaway!!

EDIT: I don't mind shipping overseas, so don't let that stop you from entering.

Undeniable proof of this book's current presence in my house


This time I have in my possession a number of copies of the newest collection of stories written by autie parents: Wit and Wisdom From the Parents of Special Needs Kids. I actually have quite a few (relatively) so I can give a bunch away.

As with any giveaway, naturally there are rules that you must follow. Each rule must be strictly adhered to or your entry will be disqualified!


1. Subscribe to this blog via Google Friend Connect
2. "Like" my new Facebook page
3. Follow me on Twitter
4. Create a reddit account and upvote everything I've ever said and submitted
5. Go through each and every post on this blog and submit them all individually to StumbleUpon
6. Go to my klout profile and give me +K in any topic that I have influence in, particularly Sarah Palin and Beyonce, because I take those the most seriously
7. Record a video of yourself dancing a jig while singing "I want the book, please!" and upload it to YouTube
8. Show up at my front door and personally ask me for a copy of the book while dancing a jig and singing "I want the book, please!" (No, you can't stay here when you're done, you have to go straight home)
9. Every time you do any of these things, you must tweet that you have done it, using the hashtag #WhoringForAutism, in order to verify yourself. Don't forget the hashtag!! Without it your entry will be disqualified.

HA HA, no... I'm just kidding, those aren't the rules. However, I did consider stopping this post right there and seeing how many of you took me seriously. No, actually, I don't have any rules. Just leave a comment here so I know you're interested; I'll probably pick some winners the same way I did last time. Because that was not only fun, but also educational and a creative learning experience for the child.

I do have one request, though, and that is that you go to Amazon and leave a (good!!) review of the book. Lynn seems to think that's important and who am I to question Lynn? Amiright??????

Update: Sat 10/15 7:15pm PST: I'm turning off comments now. I'm sorry if you were too late and missed the chance to enter, but you can always buy one!!!