xmlns:og='http://ogp.me/ns#' Yeah. Good Times.: And we have a winner! Actually two winners.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

And we have a winner! Actually two winners.

The winners of my first and probably only giveaway I will ever do are K who I don't know, but she said she reads BD's blog a lot so hopefully she'll make her way over here, and Gina from Special Happens, who I do know. YAY YOU GUYS!!!

Child 2 helped me with the whole thing. I asked Child 1 to help but he said he was too busy. Seriously. He was watching train videos on YouTube and that is very time consuming as you know. Here's how we did it:

First I put everybody's name on a piece of paper.

Then we cut them into individual strips

 Then we put the strips in a bowl and Child 2 closed his eyes and picked out two of them

 And here are the results! YAY!!!

So, Gina and K, please email me at jillsmo@gmail.com with your addresses and I'll get these out to you as soon as I go to the store and buy some mailing envelopes!