xmlns:og='http://ogp.me/ns#' Yeah. Good Times.: It's my Blogthday!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's my Blogthday!

Yes, that's right! One year ago today I said to Google, "You know what, Google? Fuck it. Let's give this blogging shit a try, what do you say??" So I picked my favorite expression (at the time; I think we all know that if I started this blog today it would be called "I KNOW, right?") and started this fucker up. My first post was called I don't know what I'm doing. And guess what? One year later and I still don't know!

At first I told two people about it: Hubs and a friend. Then I told my online friends about it. Then I told my Facebook friends about it. And then... I don't know what the hell happened.  365 days and 571 posts later, I've managed to attract almost 400 followers. How? No fucking clue. Seriously. Who are you people?

Since I am a Bookkeeper, and a dork, I can't let this auspicious event go by without using Excel in some way, so here's a chart I made which neatly categorizes my 571 posts into friendly and easy to read graph form.

I thought about perhaps doing a retrospective; a "look back," if you will, at the last year. I could talk about things I've learned, how I've grown as a person; maybe give some advice to newbie bloggers; tell you how I did it and whatnot, but fuck that! Seriously, who gives a shit? Would anybody actually want to read that crap? And, really, if you're taking blogging advice from me I think you're probably cursed or doomed or drunk or something. So, no. Instead I've asked my friend Kendall from This Is Not That Blog (formerly known as the 21st century mrs) to draw me a picture of myself celebrating my one year blogging anniversary, in the way that only she can. YAY!

One thing I will do, though, is list for you 5 of my favorites so we can all have a good laugh. At me.

A whole day to myself, 6/27/10

Artichoke: You're trying too hard, 7/22/10

Laundry: FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!, 8/14/10

Sometimes you just have to admit defeat, 2/3/11

I REALLY need to monitor this child's library usage better, 2/23/11