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Saturday, May 7, 2011

And I still would

The Thinking Person's Guide to Autism, on their Facebook page, posted a link to the BlogHer article that featured my "Yes I would" thingy about autism. So now all these people are coming over here, and all those other places, and giving me some shit for what I said.

But it's kind of like nobody actually read what I wrote and is just having a visceral reaction to the idea of the pill in general, so I'm going to take a moment to re-state everything I said, but this time in bullet points, to make it easier to understand and to eliminate the straw man.

  • My son is sweet and awesome and I love him exactly the way he is right now
  • My life has actually benefited from my child having autism. Without autism I believe MY life would be worse off. But this isn't about me.
  • Autism causes my child sensory and emotional pain
  • I would like for him to not be in pain, and if there was a pill that would do that, I would give it to him
  • After the pill, his sensory and emotional pain would be gone and he would STILL be the same person he is now: sweet and awesome. 

EDIT: I just put this in the comments and I'm putting it here, too, so that it won't get missed:

I have no problem with somebody disagreeing with me, particularly in a well considered way. You know me and you know that I encourage people to give me their opinion regardless of whether or not it will be controversial or if I agree with it. It's not that difficult for me to have my work out there on an emotional level, to tell you the truth. I've been at this online thing for a LONG time and as long as people are respectful, I'm happy with disagreement.

What I DO have a problem with is people who don't read what I actually wrote, who formulate an argument that I didn't make and then attack me for something I didn't say. That I have a big problem with.

This post isn't for what anybody said over at BlogHer or even what was said on Facebook, this post is for the people who commented HERE.

EDIT2: There's something really wonky about my commenting dealie here. Comments get posted but then they seem to disappear on their own somehow. Most of them are mine, since I comment here more than anybody else, and I have no idea what the deal is. SO, if you've commented, and it's gone now, it's not because I deleted it, because I don't delete comments, it just went away for some reason. I'm sorry about that! I always get an email notification which contains the contents of your comment so if that happened to you, let me know and I can send it to you for re-posting.