xmlns:og='http://ogp.me/ns#' Yeah. Good Times.: #GroupBlogPost Twitter party Friday 5/20

Thursday, May 19, 2011

#GroupBlogPost Twitter party Friday 5/20

Disclaimer: I have a really shitty memory so it's possible that everything I'm about to say is complete bullshit. Just FYI

It was this past Sunday afternoon and I was, uh... well, I was fucking around on Twitter. (I KNOW, right?????) I couldn't think of anything to blog about and I announced that since my brain was empty I should probably just quit blogging.

But then my buddy Handflapper had an idea (yes, that's right, SHE is the brains of the operation here, people. If anybody has a problem with any of this it's totally her fault): Let's do that thing where one person says a line and then another person says another line and we make a whole story!

And an idea was born.... and subsequently struggled to breathe.  I said let's do it! But you go first.

Handflapper started us off with "Once upon a time I had a really stupid idea and for some reason @jillsmo wanted to do it. #groupblogpost"

Then we heard some crickets chirping. Right through the computer screen! Weird.

So I tried again: "Line 1: I just friended you on Facebook #groupblogpost. GO!!!"

And then, well... other folks (btchygirls, BereftOfFeather, That_Biz, LLA_Princess) got involved and this is where things get a little hazy. I can't find the exact quotes because the tweetchat stream doesn't go back far enough, but there was something about a double row of boobs and a constipation face? I'm not entirely clear on the details.

But then the whole thing just fizzled out and it was over. Not enough for a post. And it sucked. (What? Most of that shit came from me, I can say it sucked. Because it sucked). It was, however, rather fun. And other people had lots of fun watching us act the fools.

So, I decided we should try again but this time on Friday during #wineparty, because that's when most of us will be around. And drunk. (Hee)

SO! Set your Twit clocks, people. Friday May 20th. 6pm Pacific Time, 9pm Eastern, some other time in some other location. Use the hashtag #GroupBlogPost. You don't need an invitation, you don't even need to have ever tweeted with any of us before in your entire lives, just jump on in! I will post whatever crap we end up with here on Monday. (Unless it sucks, in which case never mind..... but remember who to blame).