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Friday, May 6, 2011

Does insane still count as okay?

That's how I responded to a text today from my friend who asked "are you okay?" She said it does still count. So... YAY! I'm okay!!

Because... you see.... the Puke Fairy is back. And this time... it's personal. (Read that in the movie preview guy voice that you keep in your head).

Why do I always assume that when my kids say they don't feel well they're just faking it to get out of school? Why is my natural instinct to not believe them? Is it because when I was their age I would pretend to be sick so I could get out of school, like... ALL the time? Perhaps.... (hmmmm. I may be onto something here. Clearly further study is indicated).

Anyway, this morning they both said they didn't feel well and couldn't go to school. I didn't believe either of them. Then they both barfed. Suddenly I became a true believer. Child 2 has been barfing repeatedly, actually, and now is lying prone on the couch watching some really weird cartoon (that I'm almost certain just said "fuck") about bunnies that's kind of creeping me out.... and I'm BORED. SO BORED.

I should probably go through Google Reader since I have 360 unread blog posts I could read and comment on right now. I'm not sure I have the mental energy for that. So, I've been typing random phrases into Google to see what happens. Check it out!

Seriously, though... what IS the last name of the British Royal family? I've never given it a moment's thought until this very minute... AAAAAAAAAAAAND it's gone
OMG!! Twitter is gay??? Emily, did you know that???
The first thing that alcohol affects is your ability to not hit "send."
I would bet you a million dollars that only men were searching for how to put a tampon in
I actually selected one of these suggestions. Can you guess which one? Please ask me because I've learned so much and I totally want to share!!!!!!
And a tip of the invisible hat to YOU, Mrs. Ped.  Quite.